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in the clinical nutrition sector

Our mission


Nubentech is a startup in the nutrition sector that aims to promote healthy nutritional lifestyles through the prevention of excess weight and cardiometabolic related diseases using our digital solutions.

why nutrition matters?

2 Billion adults
are overweight

which is over 40% of the worldwide population according to the
World Health Organisation 

Why focus on central adiposity?

90% of body fat variability is concentrated between waist and hip circumferences. This is called Central Adiposity which is directly connected to overweight and obesity related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, diabetes and some type of cancers.

According to the scientific community the waist circumference is the most accurate predictor of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome.

Our solutions


your body with Morphogram


and find support with Nutritionist in Cloud

The online tool for analysing lifestyle, body composition and the risks associated with excess weight.

Search for accredited and certified nutrition professionals, increasing the number of patients treated thanks to remote monitoring.

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